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  2. Which God?

  3. huh? i don’t get it . . . but i win!!!

  4. You always somehow win… I don’t get it

  5. it’s cus i’m the coolest, and jesus loves me

  6. Coolest? Hmm… debatable…

    Jesus loves you? Non-negotiable.

  7. yay!!! that’s the most important part.

  8. Actually, the most important part…

    …is that I can still beat you at Mario Kart.


  9. umm . . . i’m a better loser than you are a winner

  10. I don’t even know how to answer that. It’s like a trick question…

  11. ha! i win

  12. I win in terms of who has the brightest pants, and the lowest singing voice!!!!


  13. If I still had my neon-blue sweatpants I could give you a run for your money…alas I do not.

    I win at life.


    joking ❤ you all

  14. While we’re on the subject of pants… One time at band camp… No wait, i mean one time at easter vigil (2007) i forgot my pants.

  15. how about how i win because my field hockey team rocked the 80s workout clothes and neon leotards today for some friday aerobics? yeah, you’re jealous

  16. Doesn’t quite overcome our chess team getting twin brothers ranked at 1700 and 1800. Expert chess team is expert.

  17. you all lose..i have Leather pants….yeaaa..

  18. Leather pants < no pants. Unfortuntly im not allowed to bring my invisible pants to Youth Group

  19. birthday suit!!

  20. Fred, i like how you capitalized leather . . .

  21. But can any of you eat a donut in one bite or eat an X-Large Round Table Pizza in 7 minutes and 31 seconds. I think not!

  22. Um, yes?

  23. @Matt:

    Swallowing food whole does not constitute eating.

    Inhaling would be a more apt description.

  24. or vacuuming . . .

  25. Does anyone else find it funny we have all these comments on a page that doesn’t even have any content? Lol.

  26. that’s cause we’re all winners/leaders, so we have to gravitate toward this page of our awesomeness

  27. I KNOW WHO GOD IS!!!

  28. Funny, I know who you are too! We should start a club or something.

    We can call it Roman Catholicism. I know its a mouthful, but it has a fancy ring to it.

  29. Who’s God?!

  30. funny, i think i know who God is too.

    you know ” i believe in God, the father almighty, the creator of heaven and earth” or “the father, the son, and the holy spirit”

    i know u r impressed with my biblical knowledge

  31. @Alex:

    That’s pretty much where my knowledge ends.

  32. muahahahahha God don’t try to trick people, i really do know who you are!!!
    as for the REAL God, He is Everything and Everyone, Always and Forever

  33. So I’m God?

  34. @Masheik:

    Maybe in your head.

  35. Fasheik Masheik!! i think this is like the first time you’ve posted on here – yaaay!

  36. We are all one body in Christ :D.

    Do I win?

  37. deffo – we are many parts. we are all one body. . .

  38. what is this page even about…?

  39. I don’t even know. Jk.

  40. life the universe and everything in it

  41. 42?

  42. Wow, i can’t believe this thread has continued for so long… YOOF GROOP

  43. btw… 42 is not the meaning of life. the fundamental theorem of calculus is. FOOLS! 😀

  44. I love Ariana’s post:

    “What’s this page even about?”


    It’s about… YOOF GROOP

  45. whoa new banner! nice christmas photos

  46. yeeeeah. that sure is a cool-looking group

  47. not too sure about the goofy lookin’ one in the pink beanie though

  48. excuuuse me?

  49. Did you burp? You’re excused.

  50. Yo, it’s me, Alex.

  51. hey Alex! how’s it going?

  52. I’m feeling quite stupendous, thank you very much. And this is…?

  53. You know, we should get a chatbox or something.

  54. It’s Jonathan…. yeah, I’ve actually considered a chatbox but I don’t think enough people keep this blog open all day

    • Oh, that’s too bad. I found website in which you can host a chatbox for free!!

      Also, tell me if my HTML tags work.

  55. I think it does! cool…

  56. Quick! What’s the first word that comes to mind?!

  57. Not bored at all, are you, Alex? No matter, I shall join this discussion . . . .

    • Any time, now…

  58. Hello! Greetings from the city that is San Diego!!
    Ironically enough, I’m posting this the day before I leave to return to good ol’ Sunnyvale!

  59. What’s the ministry’s Google Group called?
    I’ve been trying to search for it to no avail.
    A link would help…

  60. Actually, we don’t have a Google Group for RYM perse… there hasn’t been a need for one. But, we do have one for our RYM Band & Choir:


    You can also find that link in the right sidebar of the main blog page.

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