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ahh yes... nothing but the great outdoors... and debate

If you were to flip open the dictionary and lookup the word busy, you’d find a picture of Alex next to the definition. Seriously, the man has “bathroom breaks” scheduled in his daily planner (he used to not include them in his planner but embarrassing situations arose at school). He is involved in more things than you can shake a stick at. From Speech & Debate, to a variety of sports, to underwater basket weaving, Alex is a renaissance man of sorts. Amazingly enough, Alex finds enough time to share his writing and reporting talents with Resurrection Youth Ministry’s newsletter staff. As lead interviewer for “The Teen Testament”, Alex manages to secure interviews with some of the most sought after students and parishioners at Resurrection. His secret? You didn’t really think I was gonna tell you… did you?

More to come…

Still more to come…



I make this purple look goooood...

Sarah is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. In fact, she accidentally stepped on a snail on the way to school one day and felt so awful that she decided to make it up to all the other snails in her yard. As an act of contrition, she decided to put on a small backyard production of Disney’s “Beauty and Beast”. Everything was going swell until the stunt double for Lumiere forgot to show up in the second act. Things really started ‘falling apart’ when the ‘fake snow’ (iodized salt) began falling on the set and onto the snail audience. Let’s just say Sarah still weeps to this day when she sprinkles salt on anything she eats.


I hear there's a Jonas brothers signing going on here today...

I hear there's a Jonas brothers signing going on here today...


Elaine was once thought to be a mythical creature that only came out when






Patrick’s motto in life is: if it’s not there when I come back for it, it probably wasn’t worth it anyway. Through this seemingly simple but actually profound inspiration, The LoFT now has it’s very own ‘lost & found’ receptacle… affectionately referred to as the ‘Patrick Box’.



  1. Wait… is that Fred… SMILING?

  2. why yes it does look like i am smiling cuz…liek zomg i luv hillary duff so much <3.

  3. WOW. Wow Fred haha…I’m totallly going to remember this. If I had a colored printer I’d print this, and put this in my scrapbook…*sigh* Hilary Duff, Hilary Duff…

    So which members is this for, all youth members?

  4. Yep. For all youth members…

    …soon as I get the photo consent form back that is πŸ™‚

  5. oh yeah! Anthony’s 18…

  6. Joanna is happy.

  7. Jon’s profile isn’t nearly as embarrassing enough.
    Not, of course, that mine needs to be that way. at all.

  8. Nick, you realize that by calling me out…

    Your profile is going to be extra good…

    *insert sinister (or Austin Powers) laugh here*

  9. Mine is win. Internets amount of win.

  10. Win maybe. But you still can’t has internets amounts of cheezburger.

  11. Wow. Great biographies Jon, love my bro’s, right on the mark. All the others are spectacular as well.

  12. Matt, don’t think your kind words will spare you from the same brillance… or wrath… however you choose to look at it. Mwahaha….

  13. yay!!! nick’s was awesome!!! i didn’t get a winnie the pooh reference . . . .

  14. It was only because I was running dry on inspiration… that’s what happens at 2am…. and I saw the Pooh shirt he has on in his picture…

  15. HAHA. I enjoyed the imagery I got from the tight-tights in Nick’s bio. He’s so cool.

  16. I approve of these people. Give them money

  17. Can I have your autograph God?

  18. That depends on your behavior young man. If I gave them out willy-nilly then they wouldn’t be worth quite as much, now would they?

  19. Heheh. God is cool.

  20. hmm…”willy-nilly.” I heard that from Jonathan once…Jonathan should get his words cited xD.

  21. Thank you my child, I always considered myself “cool”; it pleases me that you have reached a similar consensus.

  22. you guys make me happy . . .

  23. @Kathleen:

    But you’re always happy… Except when people don’t understand what it means to be cathartic

  24. πŸ™‚

  25. I dun’t get it..she learned a new word today?

  26. no, but i used the word cathartic on thursday, and then was trying to explain it to melly with jonathan making fun of me the entire time

  27. Wha…wha….what?!?!

    ME? Make fun of people?

  28. Perish the thought

  29. yes.

  30. Well, since you put it THAT way

  31. I want a bio sounds like fun

  32. Ahh yes Alex…. you are next in line my friend… now if only I can find a picture of you….

  33. I can take one of him at school (his natural element). bwhahahahahaha

  34. wow. . . d’you mean natural habitat? hehehe Familie Noronha, Genus Alex πŸ™‚

  35. I seriously don’t have any shots of Alex. I just went through my whole Flickr account…

  36. I’d get lost in there!

  37. Jonathan… take a look at my facebook account. My profile picture of me at Denali National park is pretty cool

  38. Don’t worry Alex…. I’ve got you covered. Today. At SNL.

  39. awwww.

  40. i love ariana, alex, and gary’s bios. very good, very informative

  41. i know who god is . . .

  42. @Kathleen:

    RE: Bios

    Sorry, I think you forgot to take your Ms. Sarcastro superhero suit off.

  43. Sorry for not being available last week everyone, Lindsey and I should be able to attend this Sunday

  44. I never knew that about Arriana!

  45. i love that my bio is jiberish.. it makes feel feel unique

    and jonathan ditch the pic… it looks like i have sharpie marks all over my forehead lol

  46. i’ll do a picture retake at the bbq this sunday (is it this sunday or next)

  47. Fine fine fine….


    BTW, have you heard of a TV show called “Everybody Loves Alex”?

  48. This Sunday. I’ll bring a football.

  49. I was reading this awesome passage, Lev. 11:6-8…its pretty awesome.

  50. @Nick:

    Now I know why Catholics ‘struggle’ with the Old Testament

  51. nope, i’ve never heard of the show

    what’s it about?

  52. @Alex:

    I was trying to make a reference to the show “Everybody Loves Raymond” because Fred and I thought you looked like Ray Romano in that picture on the members page.

    It was a poor attempt at humor.


  54. i love youth group . . .

  55. ohhh… i get it

    ha ha ha

  56. yeah ray romano does kinda look like me in that photo

  57. I ❀ you too…

  58. hehehe thanks πŸ™‚

  59. jonathan you need to update this . . .

  60. I dare say, this need be updated!

  61. Geez….next thing, you guys’ll be clamoring for Barabbas…

    Ok ok, the crowds have spoken. I’ll get on it.

  62. muahahahaha yes, bow to peer pressure

  63. yo james..quantum of solace better be good!!

  64. When is that due out anyway?

    And who’s the Bond chick in this one? Not that I really pay attention to that stuff or anything…like that….

  65. like, 2-3 weeks

  66. oh. my. god. whoever writes these things is some kind of twisted genius.

  67. You mean genious?

  68. What about genus?

  69. desist trying to confuse me . . i spelled it correctly and i know it

  70. hahahahahha

  71. What the? Anne-Funny? Coooooooooooo

  72. wow, has anthony ever even been on the blog before? what a momentous occasion!!

  73. yaaay sarah!!!

  74. oh lord.
    a) thanks for changing my picture
    b)alex’s is quite hilarious
    c) i reread gary’s, and it STILL makes me laugh, out loud, hysterically

  75. Ok, if Kathleen posts a fourth consecutive comment in a row, I fear the universe may come to a catastrophic end.

    Because that would be a bad thing, I think, I am breaking it up…

  76. where’s geoff’s?!

    i think that’d be a funny one. and I don’t like my picture : [

  77. Dude, I’ve been trying to juggle a bunch of things.

    I don’t have a good picture of you cuz you haven’t been around much till lately

  78. actually . . .
    its leviOsa, not levioSA

  79. for ariana pics, look at the ones from the canned food drive, she’s got some funny/cute ones

  80. Lol, there’s no more latin gibberish! Awsome, awsome!

  81. Ariana’s and Kathleen’s pic look cute πŸ˜€

  82. DARN! Nicks picture makes me hungry for cookies!! No good!!

  83. jo, i think your picture still wins . . . he looked like this! what a photo, what caption

  84. i think geoff’s picture ownsss

  85. definately. . . he looks so evilly excited . . . or just ready to down a bunch of delicious marshmallows πŸ™‚

  86. Don’t tell anyone but I was actually cooking the sweetbreads of Kathleen’s Guardian Angel. He is…was…rather rude.

  87. underwater basket weaving!!!!!
    yes haha

  88. why is there still a “more to come…” under my personal description?

  89. Lol, i was going to ask the same. The descriptions are so cute xD

  90. Patience young padawans… once this nutty season is over (or when I’m sitting on a 14 hour flight) I will have plenty of time to embarrass everyone further.


  91. Dude, this isn’t embarrassing. this is Truth.

  92. \m/

  93. e.e new bios!

  94. lol Yay! new bios…

  95. Is anyone going to the lock in tomorrow?

    • Holy cow… It’s almost been exactly a year since someone posted here… LOL

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