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The Resurrection Youth Ministry program serves the parish of Church of the Resurrection (http://www.resparish.org) in Sunnyvale, CA. We encourage all parents of our youth ministry program and adults of our parish community to post comments throughout our blog –but this section of The ResTRoom is specifically dedicated to you! Comments, suggestions, and concerns are all welcome here. Feel free to post a message below. Even if just to say HI! We love hearing from you!

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Congratulations to the RYM Class of 2008-2009!!!

Andy – UC Santa Cruz
Anthony – Expressions
Ariana – De Anza College
Gary – UC Davis
Geoff – Olin University
Greg – UC Irvine
Jessica – Returning to Brazil for university studies
Joanna – San Jose State University
Kathleen – Seattle University (Honors Program)
Leah – Sonoma State University
Nicholas – Northeastern University

We wish them all the best of luck! Don’t forget to come visit us!

Resurrection Youth Ministry Alumni

GO Giants!
GO Giants!

Jonathan Luu has been volunteering at Resurrection Parish for over 10 years and most recently became the director of youth ministry. Prior to his appointment as director, he spent the last 8 years working in the tech industry (system/network admin, field engineer, etc.) His experience working with youth of all ages includes co-directing musicals, working with special education students at the middle school level, and tutoring high school students in various subjects. He also leads the Youth Band & Choir at the Sunday 5:30pm Mass. Jonathan claims he can play guitar and sing at the same time but if you’ve ever been to the 5:30pm mass, you’ll know that’s just not true. He recently cut his olympic volleyball career short because of a nagging hangnail on his pinky (well… actually it’s because he’s not even tall enough to ride the ‘Top Gun’ ride at Great America –just kidding). He’s taken up coaching junior volleyball instead because he is now a firm believer that ‘Those who can’t do: Teach’. Jonathan is currently coaching for ALCiS Volleyball Club. Mario Kart on the Gamecube is Jonathan’s other love (Mario Kart on the N64 is his first love). He is the reason why they invented blue shells and lightning bolts in the first place –for those that can’t keep up. Sometimes, he has been accused of smelling like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and was once quoted as saying, “Life is like a journey of a thousand fireflies through pouring rain: moderation is key, to love is to serve, and ONLY then: will ashes, ashes, we all fall DOWN!” I still have no idea what that means. * Currently ministry program director *

omg I LOVE this Hillary Duff song!

OMG... Hillary Duff in Guitar Hero?! Brilliant!

One of the more talented jazz musicians in the area, Fred is a youth music minister at Resurrection Parish and currently plays bass guitar for the 5:30pm Mass Youth Band & Choir. He is rarely without a musical instrument in his hand (he also plays piano, guitar, and water jug) and is always Filipino. Fred is on the Resurrection Youth Ministry Operations Team and leads the Resources and Facilities Department. His team is responsible for coordinating youth ministry resources and performing maintenance when necessary. Fred’s favorite pastimes are scrawling incomprehensible math (like Green’s Theorem) on The Loft whiteboard and trying to beat the Guinness world record for longest leap in a game of leapfrog (he currently holds the youth group record at 57 inches). When he’s not doing equations or hopping around, you’ll most likely find him in front of a mirror (we all know how frustrating it can be when that ONE darned hair just won’t respond to any amount of hair products –or saliva). Fred’s primal fear is any song written in 5/4 or 7/8 –but he adores tritones and flat ‘fives’ like no other. * Currently a young adult volunteer *

And after he came out of confession, he looked....like THIS!
And after he came out of confession, he looked….like THIS!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, Joanna came into this world. No really: she was born in Saudi Arabia! Fortunately, Joanna couldn’t stand the desert heat so she relocated to a more temperate climate: Resurrection Youth Ministry. Joanna brings a multitude of talents and abilities to RYM and doesn’t seem to mind. Neither does anyone else. She is the current editor for the RYM newsletter and also leads the creative design team. Joanna is actually being monitored by eleven different govenment agencies because her proficiency of Photoshop is almost a matter of national security. When not creating elaborate pieces of art, Joanna shares her sultry voice with her school jazz choir as well as the Resurrection Youth Band & Choir. She is the lead cantor for the youth mass and manages to put everyone in a hypnotic trance when her angelic voice reverberates throughout the church. She claims this is entirely coincidental and accidental –but with a wry smile. In fact, Joanna made it to the final round of American Idol and had labored many hours to perform the piece that would catapult her into the national spotlight: “Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro?” In the end, she realized that she forgot her microphone in her car, the words were in her binder somewhere, and her binder was… well… she still isn’t sure where her binder is. Ironically, Joanna is also one of the most organized people you’ll come across on the face of this earth. She takes time every week to make sure her socks are labeled L and R, because no one should ever put the wrong sock on the wrong foot, heaven forbid. * Currently an LIT (Leader In Training) *

Why do I even bother?!

Legend has it that when Ariana came out of her mother’s womb, she turned to her and said, “It’s about time, now where’s the darned swimming pool?” If Ariel from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” had an evil twin sister that wasn’t evil, it would be Ariana. Why you ask? You see, while Ariel is busy running her mouth off about how humans have it so good on land, Ariana’s busy flying through the swimming pool on a mission. An all year round water polo athlete, Ariana can swim faster than most people can go on their stationary bicycle, and she can throw that polo ball so hard that it’ll make it around the world and hit you in the back of the head before you can say ‘Bob’s your uncle’. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to run into her in a dark alley somewhere that was flooded about 8 feet high and had hard objects floating within her grasp. Ariana takes her tenacity out of the pool and into her life by being very passionate about all of her relationships. As such, she is one of our crucial Parish Community Relations Representatives. Her constant giving nature has won the support of many within Resurrection Parish and she is constantly trying to find new ways to bring people together. In addition to her aquatic skills, Ariana is also a singer in the Resurrection Youth Band & Choir. Sometimes, when she teams up with Joanna, people have sworn that they heard angels descend upon them during mass. Others claim it’s just swamp gas from a weather balloon that was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus. As super-human as Ariana may seem, she does have her small version of ‘kryptonite’: Mexican food. Did someone say Chipotle? * Currently an LIT (Leader In Training) *

Hi Mom!!!

As a child, Anthony enjoyed playing ‘house’ (he loves cooking & cleaning), acting out fight scenes from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (Pink Ranger FTW, duh), and spending hours at the San Francisco Zoo trying to communicate with the orangutans (he claims he got one orangutan to finish a Sudoku puzzle he was struggling with). As Anthony got older, he left his childish ways and began drumming in drum lines and various bands. Oh, and he’s REALLY good too. Anthony is also a youth music minister at Resurrection Parish and plays drumkit for the Sunday 5:30pm mass. When he starts losing grasp of reality and the meaning of life, Anthony spends time alone in prayer… then likes to ‘hug it out’ to regain the balance in his life.

Actually. . . Its levi-OH-sa. . .

Actually. . . It's levi-OH-sa. . .

Kathleen comes to our ministry from a tumultuous past. First, at the ripe age of 3, she was attacked by super-soaker wielding 4 year old boys at a pool party who managed to scare her so much that she jumped into the pool to get away from them –but then realized that she was even more wet than if she had just let them attack her. Then at the age of 8, Kathleen was convinced that she invented the word ‘actually’ and began using it liberally at the beginning of all her sentences (actually, everywhere in her sentences). Now that she is older and wiser, she has actually taken up new responsibilities. She is a journalist and field reporter for the Resurrection Youth Ministry Newsletter and also sits on the RYM Events & Activities planning team. At night, Kathleen is an aspiring musician –actually, a Rock Band musician that is, and she continues to dominate the drums in her quest to eventually tour the world. Actually, she’d rather take over the world than tour the world but I digress. In her spare time, Kathleen claims that her soccer skills coupled with her ability to harness the ‘force’ will allow her to kick the spots off of any soccer ball but all she actually ends up doing is scoring lots of goals. Kathleen can’t win a Mario Kart race to save her life (but maybe save someone else’s life –she’s kind like that), but she can actually read faster than you or I combined. Oh, and she does a GREAT Elmer Fudd impersonation… Actually, nevermind…

Ah, my little babies.... down the hatch you go!
Ah, my little babies…. down the hatch you go!

2840421676_36b81d3ab6Nick is an international man of mystery. Women want him. Men want to BE him. You see, Nick is a renaissance man of sorts. One minute Nick could be elaborating on the population of elephant seals in North America and the next minute, he’s got you in the vulcan death grip just because you made a remark about the size of his pet koala bear’s nose. He loves singing all the time (but only in the shower… and only to Evanescence), plays guitar (he beat Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” on medium in Guitar Hero with only one ear of his headphones working), and can whistle the entire Star Spangled Banner (but only in Spanish). Nick is also an avid conservationist. He firmly believes that there is a critical shortage of ‘Nick’ in the world and so he preserves himself as best as he can. Morning workouts? No sir-ee! Can’t risk hurting his WoW index finger and denying the online community of his merry presence. When Nick is not running around in tights (tight tights) trying to save the world (from large Italian-plumber eating piranha plants), he finds solace in two things: re-runs of “I Love Lucy” and youth group. As a Resurrection Youth Ministry member, Nick leads the Parish Community Relations Team and is also involved with special projects. His ability to communicate with others in a language other than Klingon and 15th century Nepalese is what sets him apart. Nick’s successes all stem from his personal belief that “if at first you don’t succeed, EPIC FAIL.” When Nick is alone at night and it’s the second Tuesday of the month which means his stuffed Pooh Bear is in the wash, he pulls out his tournament chess mat and challenges himself to a duel… in the dark… blindfolded… with his eyes closed. A gambit perhaps? Or Sicilian Defense? Bring it on.

Hey! I normally charge for photos…

Gary’s fascination for all things American started when he was a young boy living in the city of Guangdong in China. He admired how Americans such as Forrest Gump could have enough conviction to run clear across the country for no apparent reason. Inspired, Gary started running north but eventually ran into the Great Wall and couldn’t figure out how to get around it. Exasperated, and because his legs were getting tired by then, Gary hopped in a fishing boat that he hotwired (thanks MacGyver!) and decided he would just row until his arms got tired. After a non-eventful first few weeks of battling a hurricane here and a three-headed sea dragon there, Gary finally saw the gateway to America and the San Francisco Bay Area: Wait, what bridge? We’re talkin’ about the golden arches baby: McDonalds! After getting his fill of Big Macs, Gary realized that America is a darn good place to live in and ended up settling in Sunnyvale. Because he forgot his wallet at home, he decided to hold up the nearest bank. Well, he thought it was a bank. Instead, Gary stumbled into Resurrection Church during the 5:30pm mass and ended up ‘depositing’ money. But he’s glad he did because he’s met many new friends at Resurrection and has even joined the ranks of the Youth Band & Choir. In his spare time, Gary tries to convince people that Asian people aren’t naturally born ninjas. He proves his point by purposely walking into inanimate objects and falling out of trees instead of jumping out of them. At least we think it’s on purpose.

Ah, my little babies.... down the hatch you go!
Ah, my little babies…. down the hatch you go!


  1. Hi Jonathan and company. The Members section of the site is very clever. I see a future writing for the Colbert Report or Conan or something. I’m glad to see the youth group is going strong. I enjoyed being a part of it until I graduated high school and moved to L.A. in 2001. Hopefully there are still a few Lancers in the bunch there. Is “Res” the Goat still the youth group mascot? Is the “Loretta Young” swearing jar still collecting?

    Keep up the great work.

    …And a word to the wise: Whomever plays Jesus in the stations of the cross, avoid wearing colorful undergarments under the diaper thing.

  2. Eddie…. brah…. good to hear from you! Hope LA is treating you well. Yeah, we’re still here kickin’ (and screaming)… we’ve got a couple Lancers roaming the youth room which we’ve officially renamed The LoFT. I actually still have our old business cards with ‘Res’ The Goat on it. Haha. And as along as there are teens around, the swear jar will always be in business. Word to the wise on the Jesus undergarment advice. I do remember some great visuals. Lol.

    Take care, drop by sometime when you’re in town!


  3. hey guys, i’m jessica, the brazilian!
    so, i was looking for more informations about the iceskating on saturday, like the place, if we have ride, or something..
    do u guys have facebook?
    my facebook is Jessica Matos!=)

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Good to hear from you! If you click on the tab above that says ‘Forms’, you’ll see a couple of documents you can download for more information. The information flyer has all the details you need. The permission form and code of conduct need to be filled out and returned to me before Saturday, March 14th. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


    And you betcha most of us have facebook… 🙂
    Jonathan Luu – I’m the goofy asian guy playing the guitar in the profile picture.


  5. ooh hi jessica, i’ll friend you on facebook!!

  6. I would like to hear from all the Youth Group members who are graduating from high school this year. Your name, your high school, and your plans (if known, or what you are thinking about if not known). Kathleen will probably kill me, or at least roll her eyes, but I have an idea in mind. Humor me, please. I do not regularly check this site but will plan to stop in over the next week or so to see if I can capture the info.

  7. Hello Mrs. Banks!

    Thanks for posting on our blog. If you would like, I can provide you with any missing information about our seniors.

    I’m curious as to what your idea entails… *insert evil laugh*

    Kathleen rolls her eyes at you too?!


  8. oh hi mom.
    i think you know what i’m doing.
    and i don’t mean rolling my eyes! i mean for college

  9. Hey Jonathan!

    Leah’s going to Sonoma State University n.n

  10. Thanks Jo! I just forgot to update this page…

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